It better be Heavy! Chapter 69 Verses 19-31

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It better be Heavy! Chapter 69 Verses 19-31

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With the name of Allah, Most Kind Most Merciful…


Everyday, every hour, every minute we are saying things, doing things…which are recorded in the Book of Deeds.

It’s a reality. Allah(SWT), sees and hears everything we say, do and feel.

All of which will be presented as evidence on the Day of Judgment. The scales will be set and

Our good deeds will be compared to the bad deeds


We should not just look at it as good vs bad deeds

Or rewards vs sins, but there is another view to our records that needs to be highlighted


Good vs good

“Then, he whose balance (of good deeds) will be (found) heavy, Will be in a life of good pleasure and satisfaction.

But he whose balance (of good deeds) will be (found) light,- Will have his home in a (bottomless) Pit. And what will explain to thee what this is? (It is) a Fire Blazing fiercely!”


All human beings commit sin, it’s part of our nature and hence through seeking forgiveness, doing good actions we offset our sins.

But it’s the intensity / volume of Good/beneficial actions that will be the true distinguishing factor on the Day of Judgment.

As Believers we have become so busy with ourselves, our lives and business’s that we think that our good deeds will tip the scale and we would get into Jannah. We commit many, many sins and so we do some good deeds and hope we will get lucky or something…

But that’s not what Allah(SWT) guides us to in the Quraan, nor was it the example of the Holy Prophet(SAW).

We are taught to “hasten” in all good actions. Believers should be foremost in uplifting society, rushing to the aid of the poor and oppressed…

Our inactivity in the path of Allah, (ie making the world a better place for all) seems to be a critical flaw, we as Muslims have developed and hence has left us powerless.

It’s strange that in our current situation, if there is a great bargain on a holiday package or great money can be made through an investment…we rush headlong seeking gain.

Yet, when there are abundant gains/rewards awaiting in the service of the poor and needy we so slow, we don’t have time, we tired, we have back pain and acid reflux…lol

Truth is Islam will only rise when we rise. We can only rise when doing good actions becomes the centre of our lives. For Good actions to become the centre of our lives we need to understand it’s importance in the final account on the day of Judgment!

May Allah(SWT) instill in us the desire and satisfaction of good deeds.

And may Allah(SWT) by His infinite Mercy and boundless Grace admit us

Among those “who hasten in all good actions”…