Be Bold in Faith!

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Be Bold in Faith!

Surah – Kaafiroon (Chapter 109)

I have read this chapter thousands of times. Its pretty clear and straight forward.

We reject all forms of worship and servitude other than Allah(SWT).

Recently when I had to give a halqa, Quraan discussion about Surah Kaafiroon, that I noticed something a bit more amazing about this powerful, bold chapter.

Firstly, reported reason for revelation

It is reported that this chapter was revealed during a time when the Quraysh tried to compromise with the messenger of Allah(SWT).

The Quraysh leaders had finally realized that Islam was not just a passing phase or temporary idea so they approached the final messenger

Offering him wealth and honour in abundance.


What struck me was that this chapter was not as I always perceived “US against them”, “Plural vs Plural” linguistically speaking BUT


SINGULAR – “I” making a bold, courageous, uncompromising statement of my faith to

all of those that reject and / or twist the unity and Oness of Allah(God).

As Muslims we have been blessed with the Truth about our Creator. We are taught from a young age of the majesty of Allah(SWT) in the purest form.

He is indeed One and Only, unique with no beginning nor end. To Him belong the Most Beautiful Names. The Quraan entrenches His Greatness

By pointing to the marvelous, majestically, beauty and power in the world around us created by Allah(SWT)


This knowledge and gift should make us proud, bold and confident servants of The Lord, King, God of humanity and the entire universe.


Are we proud Muslims? Do we have confidence in our deen, in the Quraan, in the example of the final messenger?

If we were put on a platform, could we deliver a message with confidence about Allah(SWT)?


Surah Kaafiroon prepares us for this role of servants of the supreme Being, Allah(SWT). Surah Kaafiroon thrusts us to confidence and courage

“I do not worship / serve what you all worship”

Its a Bold, unapologetic, confident powerful statement without any doubts and hesitation.

So bold that its singular and requires no backing from anyone to support this statement. Its an “I” statement not “we”


Islam teaches us humility and we are taught even in the Quraan to use words like “We” and “our”, but not when it comes to Surah Kaafiroon

Its “ME” that stands alone if necessary, no backing required to oppose any false worship, Islam is “MY” religion and I am proud of it!