Broken Hearts! Chapter 64 Verses 11-13

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Broken Hearts! Chapter 64 Verses 11-13

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With the name of Allah, Most Kind Most Merciful…


Life is full of challenges. Disaster strikes without warning.

Loosing dear ones, Financial difficulties, family problems, drugs, fear…are part of the challenges of this world.


These challenges are allowed by Allah(SWT) to test us.

During these difficulties our emotions become unsettled, we become stressed and anxious(the common anxiety attack).

It’s our hearts that carry these burdens and undergo severe strain.

We could use the common phrase to describe this situation as “broken hearts”


Allah(SWT) guarantees to guide our heats in these situations if we, believe / have faith in HIM.

So that we might still smile during these situations and Praise HIM.

The Prophet(SAW) too went under severe difficulties…

Rejection, being ridiculed, loosing companions, losing his wife Khatija(R.A), losing his son,

Problems with his daughters marriages to the enemy, being banished from Mecca with his family,

Losing 3 of his 4 daughters in his lifetime, battles, hypocrites in Medina causing all sorts of trouble,

Listening and nourishing his companions…

WOW! As I sit and write these few difficulties he faced I am amazed at his patience and faith.

Peace and Blessings on our beloved final messenger Muhammed(SAW)…


But it is reported that The Prophet(SAW) said something like

“How beautiful is the believer

When difficulty afflicts him, he says “Praise to Allah”

When he is ease he says “Praise to Allah”


Life is full of challenges, but Allah(SWT) is always in control, and if we have faith in HIM,

And put our trust in Him, HE would surely guide our hearts and ease our difficulties…