Enter AL JANNAH! Chapter 36 Verses 20-27

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Enter AL JANNAH! Chapter 36 Verses 20-27

With the name of Allah Most Kind Most Merciful…

Let’s see what led him to Jannah, what did he do, what did he know?
Surah Yaseen Verses 20-27

(Just some thoughts!)

“Running” – Hurry, Eagerness, Energy(Jihad)…

“O my people” – A concerned citizen, cares for the well being of his community.

He acknowledges and supports the messengers of Allah(SWT)

He acknowledges and testifies to the sacrifices and sincerity of the messengers of Allah(SWT)

“ And he who brings the Truth and he who confirms (and supports) it –

such are the men who do right(Muttaqoon).” S39V33

His mentality –

a) Recognizes Allah(SWT) as his Creator.

b) Recognizes that his existence is due to Allah(SWT).

c) Conscious of the return of all of humanity to Allah(SWT).

He Recognizes Allah(SWT)’s supreme power and control over everything and situation.

If difficulty befalls anyone, only Allah(SWT) can remove it.

He has faith in Allah(SWT) and the confidence and strength to declare it to all his people.

He is honored yet he has concern and fields grief for his people.

“(People of Jannah) They will say: “Aforetime, we were not without fear for the sake of our people.” S52V26

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